Monday, July 27, 2015

Field of Poppies...

Hello again !
I can't sleep so I thought instead of wasting my time watching some silly movie, I can "waste" my time sharing with you another outfit.
This time, I went all the way elegant and chic. My beautiful dress from Chicwish is simply amazing...that kind of dress that makes you feel like a real urban princess. I really hope you'll like this look. Oh, forget that ! I'm sure you'll love it haha :D

What I wore:
- Chicwish dress ( find it here)
- Prada sunglasses
- Mango shoes
- Zara handbag

Now, I feel that the dress from the site is a bit more long than mine. I tried finding the same length, but either the model is super short or I'm to tall lol :D ( which I'm not ! )
Anyway, it's a beautiful print. A beautiful dress. A beautiful design. 
Thank you so much for visiting my blog and I hope to see you around again ! :D

Stolen Youth

Hello sweeties,
I'm running a bit late today as I had some administrative issues to take care of in this "lovely' land of Belgium where everything is "well organised" and people do a "wonderful" job keeping everything "smooth" ! I'm being sarcastic, of course. Well, in Romania we stay - a kick in the but, a step forward. So that's what I'm doing. No more stress, I'll just stick to what life has to offer and pray the God I won't meet any more idiots in front of me at the counter.
Anyway, I wanted to erase everything bad that happened today and really do an awesome look -something gorgeous and special just so we start the week fabulous and fashionable!
My fab dress is from CNDirect and I wanted to do pair it with pearl accessories, but worn a bit differently. So, I'll leave you to judge whether it's nice or not :D

What I wore:
- CNDirect dress ( find it here)
- Zara sandals
- Pieces clutch

So, how do you find the look? 
Don't hesitate to leave a comment with your honest opinion ^^

Sunday, July 26, 2015

So basic

Hello sweeties,
Well, seems like the weekend has almost passed and starting tomorrow, we have the last week of sales...BOO! Honestly, this year was dreadful. And I'm talking about clothes, money, work..well, everything ! I've never had the experience to not find anything in Zara during sales. All the nice shoes were gone since the very first days of sales, when you had like 30% off ! Can you imagine? Now you have like a few things left... Everyone is complaining about work, about payment. The taxes are getting higher and higher. Europe is slowly sinking and there's nothing we can do about it. We either stick with the ship or sink with it or go and find our luck elsewhere...
Anyway, in the fever of having some really nice clothes at great prices, Chicwish still has the meter running for sales and I've found this super cool dress that can go both elegant and sport. You know how much I love a dress with style ! 

What I wore:
- Chicwish dress ( find it here)
- Topshop sandals
- Zara bag
- Born Pretty Store sunnies ( find them here)

Thank you for passing by ! I really do hope you like my blog and follow :)
Have a beautiful Sunday and I'll "see" you tomorrow for a new ootd ! :D

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Change your life

Hello lovelies,
The weekend is here, yey! I have a spare minute here and I wanted to post another awesome summer outfit cause, hey, it's still summer, right? Even though we had a rainy all day... but the evening was ok. Sun came up and I took advantage of this moment to take a little walk ! I bought from Spain these really cute sandals, but seing the photos now, I don't know if they worked that well with my cool two-piece from CNDirect. What do you think? I really love this two-piece, it has a particular design...
Hope you like the outfit, I'll let you check it out along with this cool song:

What I wore:
- CNDirect two-piece set ( find it here)
- Stradivarius sandals 
- Bag from Egypt 
- Chicwish sunglasses ( find them here)

Hope you'll find the look ok. :)
I wanted to go a little tribal ^^
Well, I'll "see" you tomorrow ! I'm going to sleep 
Good night Belgium, Good morning America :D ! 

Wild Ones

Hi guys,
I'm happy to be back home, but not so happy to switch from a perfectly sunny weather to rainy days... Luckily, I've managed to shoot some very cool pics of this amazing look I had in a late afternoon (before my departure, naturally). Now, I know that nose rings are really coming in trend, so I thought why not try them on. I say "them" because I got like 10 nose rings from Dresslink. They are indeed surgical ones, but I'm not planning to pierce my nose or anything, but just to try and do the center ring nose look, so I'm really just sticking them as they are. Of course that for a nose ring look, you have to go all the way to wild land. So, I've matched my two-piece cropped top and skirt that has a really cool print into it ( also from Dresslink), a wild hair and my Zara sandals. :)
This is the outcome, enjoy it with this here song:

What I wore:
- Dresslink two-piece set ( find it here)
- Dresslink nose ring set ( find it here)
- Zara sandals
- Zara clutch

So, how do you find this wild look?
Personally, I love the color blue...I love a lot of colours and blue seems to be one of them :D
Thank you for stopping by ! 
Maybe we'll "see" each other tonight, if not, tomorrow for sure !