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Atomic Blonde

Hi guys, I was quite saddened yesterday to hear that the last male white rhino died... It's sad to see our planet fade away and people getting richer and richer at the cost of global catastrophes. At least I don't have kids, but think about yours and how you are leaving the world behind for them... how your kids will never see a white rhino and many other animals - makes me super sad.
Now onto more nice things - I have a new outfit post that is super cute, with a retro vibe to it :

What I wore: - VerySimple blouse and jeans - OhPolly coat - Craie bag - Sigerson Morrison booties

I think that the pieces went so well together... If I had a different ( metallic gold ) boots, it would have been even better :).  Well, hope you like the look nonetheless ! 
Kisses, R.

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SALE is ON !

Hey sweeties, Guess what ? I have some super exciting news ! - a super awesome SALE is now on at Shopbop - you can take an extra 25% off already marked down prices ( conditions may apply ofc). But I'm still totally dazzled because I wasn't expecting this kind of promotion this month ! 

I just bought my very own Jacquemus shoes just to celebrate the event :) . You should hurry up and buy yours ! 
Enjoy your shopping !! 

Kisses, R.


As a friend of mine just said : What a nice winter we have this spring... Yup, it just snowed this morning... we are almost at the end of March and winter is still here... To brighten the mood, I have a new outfit post ! Even thought it's more Spring wise, I'm sure you'll still like the look. Plus, I discovered a new Italian brand, Jun & Juli, that does super cute t-shirts and sweaters.. well, tops in general.. that have these awesome prints/ insertions.

What I wore: - Jun& Juli t-shirt - Dezzal pants - Zara shoes ( similar fuchsia shoes here - Michael Kors bag - Dior belt - Jennyfer jacket blazer ( crushing on this one from Moschino
Hope you like the look, sweeties !  I'll be back with more very soon xo
Kisses, R.

New this month

Hi sweeties, We have officially passed the middle of March and here, at the moment, we are having 0 degrees! Why ? Well, I just saw an interesting video on global warming and despite the common thought, it's not all about high temperatures, but low one as well. That polar vortex we had for a couple of weeks, that was also the result of climate change. And this change isn't just here in Europe, it's all around the world... If you want to see something more explicit, then you can check Leonardo DiCaprio 's Before the Flood documentary .  I remember when we had to buy a car last year and even though my bf wanted a big one, I wasn't "neah, let's got for the small one". If I would have had the chance, I would have bought one on electricity, but I think that in the same tone, we don't really have that much power stations installed in the country... 
With that being said, let's continue with what's new atShopbop!  Well, I'm gonna tell you wh…

B x W

Hi guys, The weekend is almost over and even if it's Sunday I have a lot of work... been up for a couple of hours now and I already took care of some business. Early bird catches the worm, right? :) Moreover, I'm happy to share with you a brand new outfit post that I'm sure you'll adore !  This one is black& white "based".  ;)

What I wore: - Marie& Frisco blouse - Mango pants - Asos socks - Morgan de Toi shoes - Whiting & Davis purse - Zara jacket

I had these pants for a very long time now, but even if they're a 36 size, they seem to be small now.. and I don't understand why.. maybe I got a bit fat? :( Anyway, hope you like the look... I'll be back soon with more xo

Kisses, R.

Now it's time to breathe

Hello sweeties, I hope your weekend has started well.... I'm not in the necessary form yet, but I bet my friends will not let me alone today lol. It's Saturday ! :) I'm happy that I finally found some good people here . Anyway, I'm back with a new outfit post that I just know you'll love ! 

What I wore: - Zaful sweater - Pimkie shirt underneath  - Zara skirt - Dolce Gabbana shoes - New Look clutch 

Really hope you like the look, peeps ! It's something a tad different, I know, but still I think it's cute :).
Kisses, R.


Hi sweeties, How are you today ? The weather isn't very dandy, but I'm happily back with a brand new outfit post that I just know you'll love :). If yesterday I had a more 70s look, today I'm rocking a more posh outfit,mixing more influences like asian, retro and with a British touch.

What I wore: - Zaful crop top - Marie&Frisco vest - Whitewide pants  ( these Alice& Olive white pants are even more beautiful )  - Zara pochette  - Marc Jacobs earrings - Jeffrey Campbell booties
Really hope you like the look, sweeties! Gonna be back with more after tomorrow ( I think ) :)
Kisses, R.