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- Guess 30 years Anniversary -

Hello guys!!!
I just came back from the Guess store, they had their 30 years Anniversary today, 30th May, and had a 30 minutes 30% off promotion on all the store ( not also the watches ) , but anyway it was really nice :)

This is the store of Bruxelles. It's nice,isn't it ? :)

First I had the impression that the anniversary was in the morning, but it was at 16h00.. the store was all "dressed up " :), there weren't that many customers. I don't know why..

Anyway I had lots of fun choosing some stuff for myself :).I always like attending this sort of events.

Here is what I wore for this one :)

What I wore : well.. all Guess :).. from accessories (watch, earrings, bag, sunglasses, etc ) to apparel :)

Hope you have enjoyed my post although the "party"
wasn't as the one in LA.. it was fun and I had the chance to buy some nice garments at great prices !
Sadly the service is a bit weak... :(
Until next time I wish you a great day and take care!
♥ R

Adio Cellulite !

So I want to do a quick post on this wonderful product I have for 3 weeks now!
I woke up today and found myself looking in the mirror ..I've noticed that this gel I've been using really has results on my awful back skin.Yes, although I weight only 48kg, I do love to eat everything I want and so I have cellulite, now more than ever I want to get rid of it cause it's the summer season and I wear shorts, and swimsuits..
Anyway..I don't do alot of exercises( just 20 min of jogging and a few squats now and then), but this product is really great!
I've purchased it from Romania,but I can see in the back that it is made in Israel. I can't rememner the price but when I do go home, I will buy more!
I don't trust normally in these products cause I think the best way to deal with this problem is to do sport and eat healthy, and also I've tried so many products, but this one is for sure!
I'm on the 3rd week and you can see the results! It has a lot of caffeine…

Free Spirit : Lace & Denim

Hey!! So today I had a great day and I'm so happy! I accomplished something I've been wanting for a long time
So anyway, here is a quick post on what I have worn today.

What I wore : - Zara lace dress - New Look vest - Bershka denim heels - Mango bag - F21 accessories 
So I wish you a lovely week and see y'all tomorrow !
♥ R

Sunny afternoon - F21 zig-zag color shorts, Flamingo necklace and Prada flats

So another week has started and thank God is still sunny here !
I took a nice walk this afternoon. Everything is closed here cause it's a holiday!
Here's a quick post on what I wore :)

What I wore : - F21 corset - New Look vest - F21 shorts - Prada flats - F21 flamingo necklace - Mango bag
The flats I have them for some time now, but they are in excellent shape and sooooo comfortable !!
The flamingo necklace is new ,but I simply adore it!! it's so cute and I've seen that animal accessories are so in trend at the moment. I can't remember on what celebrity I've seen some flamingo earrings...I'll have to check it out!
Anyway, I hope you enjoyed my post and see you guys soon ! :)
Have a great week!
♥ R

Jimmy Choo & Floral blouse

Hy, guys! Hope the weekend is going fine for you !
Today I wanted to go for a long walk in the city so I thought I would wear my Choo's as they are comfy and resistant to the sidewalks of Brussels ( I must say - I honestly don't know what these people thought when they put this horrible sidewalk made out of pavers... they even put these on a normal road for cars! I mean what the hell?! They are eager to destroy both your feet and car? )
Anyway, thank God that they(designers) still make great shoes to walk in!

What I wore : - Pull&Bear blouse - Jennyfer lace skirt - Jimmy Choo sandals  - F21 necklace - Mango sunglasses - Versace for H&M leather bag 

I really love my Jimmy Choo sandals ! I fell in love with them ever since I've seen them..They are made with so much love and attention to the details- every strap has its clasp decorated with Swarovski crystals.
So hope you enjoyed my post and until next time I wish you a fine weekend and hope you find awesome deals on …

OOTD - Guess thick heel shoes

Hello people ! Hope you had an awesome week and now, that we're entering the weekend I wish you lots and lots of fun!
As for my post today...well, I had these Zara shorts since they came out and now that I have the chance to wear light clothes, I thought I should wear them ! :)

What I wore : - Zara top - Zara shorts - H&M bracelets  - Forever 21 necklace - Guess thick heels - Pull & Bear envelope 

So this is my post for the day. I took my new thick heels, the Pegana Suede Guess sandals, for a spin and I must say they are very comfortable!They are my second pair with a thick heels.I wasn't very happy with the thick heel trend- but you do have more stability, more comfort !
Hope you enjoyed my post and don't forget to check out great deals on my page!
Kisses :)
♥ R

- Health and Beauty -

Hello ,guys! So today I'm doing something different ..a post I mean :)
I've been willing to have a more personal appeal and speak a little about looks, beauty and most importantly -health!
Now I see a lot of fashion gurus on youtube that do a lot of videos about make-up, hairdos, etc! I, of all people (being a girl that is), know how much make-up and just using those artificial products means to look perfect!

But did you ever consider that really abusing them has long term effects?
I've been studying a bit the tags on beauty products and I can say I'm not really glad what I found typing in Google their ingredients..
Anyway..we know we can't live without them, but we have to consider using them in need, not everyday!

For instance, I have a lot of really big dark circles that I cannot cover them up completely even with a tone of foundation! So I learn to live with them.. Actually now, in the summer I try to use less or even not at all make-up! The sun rea…

The Walk in The Park

Hy, guys! So normally today I didn't had any chance on posting an outfit on my blog cause I would have had a million things to do!But seems that a meeting got delayed for an hour or so ..that way I had time to go for a walk in the park and just enjoy this sunny day !

What I wore:  - Mango shorts - Zara top - Six cap - Zara flat sandals - Pull&Bear bag
Hope you liked my quick post !
Until tomorrow I wish you a fab Thursday
♥ R

OOTD : Flower print high-low skirt

Hello, cuties ! Hope you are heaving a great week!
I heard that this summer-like weather is going to last until the end of the month, and after the temperatures will drop again.But hey, we have to take advantage of this beautiful sun and stay outside as long as we can ! :)
I'm planning on going a little to the sea side in the weekend, but I'll see if the weather allows me to.
Anyway, here I have the outfit of the day. It's outlined among my high-low skirt that I love so much!

What I wore : - Only blouse - Forever 21 high-low skirt - C&A sandals  - Guess sunglasses - Gueralin bag - Swarovski necklace & earrings  - Versace for H&M bracelet 
So, I hope you've enjoyed my post for today and also you can take a peak at the adds on the right of the page. I think you'll find a lot of fab stuff there :)
See ya tomorrow !
♥ R

Outfit of the day : Ruffle top +short jeans

Hello, sweets ! So we are still having wonderful weather here in Brussels !Today was so hot outside - perfect for a tour at the shops :).
So I wanted to make a quick post on what I wore today.
I didn't had much inspiration cause I was in a hurry ..but either way, here's the result!

What I wore: - Forever 21 top - Bershka short jeans - New Look wedges - Guess bag
I've been waiting for a while now to wear that ruffle top !I'm happy that today I had the chance to and I hope that the nice weather keeps staying here. I really hope you enjoyed my post and remember - being yourself and having faith in you, really helps you have a confident attitude!
♥ R

Le défilé Cover by Paris

So last night I wanted so bad to go out cause it was so nice outside. so I decided to attend the event Be Ch!c , at Mirano Club. The event included a catwalk of the latest collection Cover by Paris,witch it was presented during the show . The club, I must say, is very cool, the DJs incredible, and the service impeccable ! I actually made a membership card so I can go there from time to time.
I love trying new things out, new places , new styles..

This is a short video of the catwalk I've recorded. The best models of Belgium were presenting the collection.Besides that, photographers, art students, models, designers were having a great night, dancing to the rhythm of the music!

That's me trying to capture the footage from above :)

And up here are some pics of the catwalk .

What I wore : - Forever 21 dress - Zara sandals  - Forever 21 clutch
So I wanted to try a new kind of post .Hope I've done a good job and that you like :)
So ..until next time, enjoy tonight cause tomorrow…