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Still Summer

Hello sweeties !! Officially we're two days away from autumn ! I'll be heading back home in one week or so and things will get back to normal and before you know it, this summer will be just another memory.
So about my outfit for today , as usual, as it is still summer , I have something nice, simple and sweet ! :) and also, I used this coin belt that I bought in Egypt as a shoulder necklace. I thought it was interesting ! What do you think?

What I wore: - Zara shorts - Orsay top - Stradivarius sandals - DNKY watch
So I'm anxious to see what you think ! ^^
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OOTD : Rock movement

Hello my sweets ! I felt so sick yesterday, but today I'm feeling better and I was in my "rock move" so here is a quick post of my outfit of the day .

What I wore: - Pimkie boots , top and sunglasses - Bershka shorts

That's all for today !
Take care !

OOTD : Maxi green skirt & Ruffle top

Hey guys!! Another week has passed and we quickly reach the official end of summer even though the weather is still hot ( here anyway )! I'm so anxious to go shopping when I return in Brussels. I just love the smell of new season clothes filling the racks of the stores. Although I'm born in the autumn ,I'm not such a big fan of the period.
Anyways, sticking with summer, here is my outfit for the day. ^ ^

What I wore : - Maxi skirt from local store ( lovely one here ) - Bershka top - Zara flat sandals - Guess ring - F21 necklace  - Clutch from local store

Hope you like my outfit for today! Don't forget to check great deals on my page !!
Lots of kisses,

OOTD: Body Necklace

Hello my sweets! It's been a while since I last wrote to you. I've been in this amazing trip ever ! I took advantage of every moment and I learned so many new things about Egypt's history, culture and saw the pyramids, the Sphinx, temples, the Nile and many more landmarks.
I'm going to make a review of my trip in my following posts so you guys can make an idea of this great country!
Returning to our stylish world, here is my outfit for today! I have this body necklace for quite a while now and I've been meaning to wear it so today I stumbled upon it and thought it'd look great with my mint top and lace shorts.

What I wore: - Bershka top - Zara shorts ( loving these ones ) - Skull ring from local boutique in Brussels ( similar here ) - Zara heels - New Look body necklace ( just adore this one ) - Forever 21 bag
It's good to be back home ^^.. I really hope you enjoyed my "come-back" outfit and don't forget to check amazing deals on my page !!

Days in Egypt

Hy, guys! I'm still in Egypt and I must say that I saw so many wonderful things from the Valley of The Kings, life and culture from cities like Hurgada and Cairo, the Pyramids and Sphinx, alabaster, papyrus and perfume fabrics, crusies on the Red Sea and Nil, etc.. And I just love it!
Here are some photos :)

In vacation

Hy guys!! Hope you're all having a great week! I've landed in Hurgada last night and I must say that the weather is hot and the Red Sea is just awesome^^
I'll back tomorrow with more!!
Many kisses,

The white shirt

Hey there !! Just a super-quick post for today cause I'm parting ! ^^
This is a outfit I wore yesterday in the town. I went shopping before and I found this super cute long white shirt that I fell in love with instantly ! I love its material and I'll take it for sure in my trip!
I'm so excited ^^.. I hope I have internet there so I can keep you guys updated each day!

What I wore: - White shirt from local boutique ( similar here ) - Guess heels - Jennyfer shorts - Stradivarius necklace - Guess watch ( you can buy it here )
I wish you a great day and week and hope to write to you guys soon !!  ^^ Kisses, R.

Casual Look : Shorts and Yellow Blazer

Hello my dear dear readers ! I'm back from my father and another week has started ! My days here are numbered. The summer is always gone and we are preparing ourselves for fall. I must say that I had a wonderful time back home! ^^
This is my outfit for today. Casual look with booties cause it's a bit chilly these days.

What I wore: - YSL booties ( similar "to-die-for" version HERE ) - Zara blazer ( alike version HERE ) - YSL clutch ( can buy it HERE ) - Blanco shorts - F21 top
I must say that when I shop for expensive things ( like my clutch and booties) I pick something that is wearable with many many garments I have. For instance, the clutch, it's so classic that it will go with every outfit , casual or elegant. It's a must for your wardrobe ! And plus it will last you a life time, YSL garments being so well made from materials that last forever ! So I hope you enjoyed my post !  Kisses, R.